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Switch Gear & Distribution


Fully ducted and finger safe bus, high KAIC bracing

Source and load breakers placed behind steel for Arc Flash safety

Comap generator remote color screens for reduced wiring

Automated breaker sequencing and interlocks without using proprietary PLC software

Full Synch and Loadsharing across genset and Tie breakers

Auto start to dead bus standard

208VAC/480VAC Distribution
With switchgear or freestanding enclosure
Through door operation for Arc Flash safety
Load shed capable
MCC Freestanding Enclosures
Automated motor starters and drives
Remote start/stop capable
High Arc flash resistant integral starters
ABB Tmax 3 Phase Breakers mounted on Rittal Connection Adapters offers Finger Safe Solutions when using Rittal ducted buswork.  No exposed buswork allows for safe trouble shooting inside enclosures while underway.
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