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Port Moller Powerhouse
6 MW, 5 CAT generators with Manual & Auto Controls. Comap Controls added to CAT EMCP controllers for full synch/loadsharing.
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Guaymas Fishing Vessel
Modular switchboard with remote controls mounted on gensets and operator panels.
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Washington State Ferry

Comap Genset controls with

Distribution & soft starts.






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Qatar Pump Controls

First 2 of 5 Comap Intelidrive pump systems heading to Qatar with full local and remote control over ethernet (Web) and Cell.  

CAT 3512 mechanical engine with 10,000 GPM discharge.



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John Deere Plug and Play

Testing of the Comap interface to John Deere unit at Northern Lights facility. Comap IG-NT Marine unit plugs directly into the JD C09 plug on the genset for full control.  Just press "Start".


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Pacific Marine Expo

John Deere pump engine controller at the John Deere booth.    

Hatton Marine John Deere Demo test / load station for shop genset checkout.



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